New Zealand Fire Service 
                    Motorsport Club Inc


Club Profile

The formation of the New Zealand Fire Service Motorsport Club Incorporated is now completed, staff from all sectors of Emergency Service organisations and their families who have an interest in motorsport are invited to join.   


The aims and objects of the club are as follows.

  • To foster, improve, promote and or assist in any way the interests in amateur motorsport. 
  • To promote amateur motorsport competitions of all kinds in accordance with the national competition rules of Motorsport New Zealand Inc. 
  • To provide an environment that encourages the members participation in all types of motorsport and or charitable events, competitive or not. 
  • To promote the New Zealand Fire Service “safety and Awareness program” while attending events. 
  • To assist Motor Sport New Zealand and provide assistance at International Motorsport events in providing professional trained Fire Response and Fire Rescue staff. Assist in the training of personal for Motorsport events.


The club through its constitution will be affiliated to Motorsport New Zealand and operate under the National Sporting Code of that organisation.

Club membership will be set at $50.00 per year for both family membership and Associate membership.


There are three classes of membership.

Full Membership, members and their family directly employed or a volunteer of an Emergency Service organisation.

Associate Membership, staff who are associated to an Emergency Service. These may be contractors to a Emergency Service or an associate of a full member.


Life Member,  Members nominated for life membership will be voted on at the clubs AGM after meeting certain criteria.


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